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Recommending Artists doing good work
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This is a place for people to recommend artists who they have had good dealings with. Please feel free to recommend artists who have done good work for you, who communicated well during the commission, and got their commission to you in a timely manner. Alternately, if you are an artist, and was very pleased with how a commissioner conducted business you are also welcome to post here. Please only post about artists or commissioners that you personally have done business with. For verification purposes, please post the final product and any receipts from the transaction.
We have only a few simple rules
1. Do not recommend your friends, or use this as a way to promote your work. This is for commissioners or artists to recommend the good business practices of those they have worked with.
2. Do not spam the community with posts selling your art
3. Keep everything civil. No flames or disrespect.
4. Any trolls will be banned immediately, no excuses.

It is my hope this community will come of use to those of us in the online art community, and help build the reputation of artists that deserve good recognition for their work and business practices.

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